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    Laiwu Ruixiang Water Saving Irrigation Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Shandong Province Laiwu High-tech Development Zone Water-saving Irrigation Industrial Park, the company mainly engaged in PE / PVC pipe fittings, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, micro-spray, fertilizer fertilization and other products research and development , While committed to independent production of water-saving irrigation equipment, is a collection research and development design, production and processing, after-sales service in an integrated company.
    As the region's water-saving irrigation in the field of science and technology leading enterprises, advanced equipment technology, strong technical force, product quality is to achieve the domestic industry with the advanced level. The production of water-saving equipment with light weight…【More】
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點擊查看詳細信息標題:SMD drip irrigation 閱讀次數:791SMD drip irrigation點擊查看詳細信息標題:Chip type drip 閱讀次數:623Chip type drip點擊查看詳細信息標題:SMD drip irrigation applications 閱讀次數:626SMD drip irrigation applications點擊查看詳細信息標題:Labyrinth drip irrigation 閱讀次數:596Labyrinth drip irrigation點擊查看詳細信息標題:Labyrinth drip irrigation applications 閱讀次數:577Labyrinth drip irrigation applications點擊查看詳細信息標題:Cylindrical drip irrigation tube 閱讀次數:630Cylindrical drip irrigation tube點擊查看詳細信息標題:Refraction micro spray nozzle 閱讀次數:606Refraction micro spray nozzle點擊查看詳細信息標題:To insert the rotation micro jet 閱讀次數:839To insert the rotation micro jet點擊查看詳細信息標題:Upside down micro spray 閱讀次數:981Upside down micro spray點擊查看詳細信息標題:Inverted-type refraction micro-nozzle 閱讀次數:764Inverted-type refraction micro-nozzle
點擊查看詳細信息標題:Rotating micro-nozzle 閱讀次數:519Rotating micro-nozzle點擊查看詳細信息標題:G-type micro-nozzle 閱讀次數:539G-type micro-nozzle點擊查看詳細信息標題:2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch centrifugal filter 閱讀次數:5712 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch centrifugal filter點擊查看詳細信息標題:2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch gravel filter 閱讀次數:5232 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch gravel filter點擊查看詳細信息標題:Laminated filter 閱讀次數:572Laminated filter點擊查看詳細信息標題:100L, 150L fertilization tank 閱讀次數:825100L, 150L fertilization tank點擊查看詳細信息標題:Venturi filter fertilizers 閱讀次數:606Venturi filter fertilizers點擊查看詳細信息標題:Drop arrows 閱讀次數:524Drop arrows點擊查看詳細信息標題:Drop arrows 閱讀次數:599Drop arrows點擊查看詳細信息標題:Water distributor 閱讀次數:525Water distributor
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What are the advantages of labyrinth drip irrigation?
This kind of drip irrigation channel is the maze structure, the water flow was turbulent state, with anti-blocking performance is good, uniform water, laying length,low manufacturing cost characteristics, is the world's thinnest wall, the lowest price (0.25 yuan / m), the most widely used drip. Recommended filter for 200 mesh.…<< More >>
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點擊查看詳細信息標題:Drip under the film 閱讀次數:550Drip under t點擊查看詳細信息標題:Pressure compensated drip irrigation case 閱讀次數:581Pressure compens點擊查看詳細信息標題:Mobile sprinkler system 閱讀次數:568Mobile sprinkler點擊查看詳細信息標題:Filter construction case 閱讀次數:556Filter construct點擊查看詳細信息標題:Drip irrigation tube case 閱讀次數:554Drip irrigation&點擊查看詳細信息標題:Drip zone 閱讀次數:556Drip zone點擊查看詳細信息標題:Drip zone 閱讀次數:513Drip zone點擊查看詳細信息標題:Water and fertilizer technology 閱讀次數:562Water and fe點擊查看詳細信息標題:Hanging micro spray case 閱讀次數:552Hanging micro點擊查看詳細信息標題:Drip irrigation tube application 閱讀次數:534Drip irrigation&
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